A bakery was founded in the basement of the house by Alois Aigner and his wife. For an additional income pasta was handmade and dried by the remaining heat of the oven.


Due to the high demand the production was dislocated into a separate building and fort he first time pasta was produced by modern machinery.

family photo


As the demand was increasing a pasta press of the latest technical standard became necessary. Therefore Alois Aigner placed an order for a 200kg press with Lihotzky company.


The company was taken over by Hans Aigner.


The company was enlarged by a coal deposit and garages for the distrubtion fleet.


Because of constant growth a new building was necessary in 1964, the pasta production building was modernised and a new cabinet dryer was established.


To satisfy the growing demand of the customers further silos were set up.


The company was taken over by Andrea Aigner.


Investment in a new pasta technology was made and 5 years later an additional cabinet dryer was connected with the new press. This enables a 24-hour-production.


The warehouse was enlarged for a static drying of special pasta.

since 1992

Permanent enlargements of the plant were made and in 2004 a very modern lab was equipped.


Expansion of our facilities for a further pasta line.


Hans-Peter Aigner takes over Innviertler Teigwaren GmBH, so the family business is run by the fourth generation. New stainless-steel raw material silos are put into service.


Acquisition and implementation of the new storage silo for pasta.


Implementation of the new pasta production line. The annual production capacity is increased to 8,000 tons.

Our philosophy

To think and not just to know!

As a long-established Austrian family company, we mainly produce special types of pasta which differ from ordinary noodles.

Thus we have not only gained good reputation, but we are the market leader in Austria in pressed products and pasta free of residue.

Years of experience and know-how in pasta production and good contact with research institutes enable us to develop special products for our customers.

Highest quality and constant innovation direct our energy and aspiration towards satisfied customers. Preferential use of Austrian raw materials, strict controls in our onsite modern lab and specially trained employees guarantee maximum freshness and highest quality in all sections.

Our respect for nature and the food produced from it lead us to protect our environment as best as possible and act responsibly.

„To think and not just to know.“

is one of our guiding principles. Reliability, imagination, diligence, independence, determination and also loyalty characterize our employees.

This contributes to the success of “Innviertler Eierteigwaren”. Constant staff training secures our success.

As a clearly structured company we are a reliable and especially flexible supplier of noodles. Our customers are our partners.

Continuous improvement of the production, investments in new production processes and technologies guarantee the efficiency of all sequences now and in the future.

Only high quality and customer oriented products leave our company!

A newly equipped lab and a very well-trained staff guarantee the quality of products as claimed by our customers.

Not only quality of products but also strict compliance with government standards are an equivalent parameter of quality for us.

We meet the requests and requirements of our customers to their fullest satisfaction. Communication with our customers is very essential to our success.

Moreover we guarantee optimum production quality by our clear company structure.

Come and see our company and quality for yourself!